We have many members in relapse and out of the rooms, many people in meetings who are struggling and the committee saw value providing broader meeting access with a low barrier, low stress means of reentry back to the program. It is hoped that it will make it easier for people to be introduced or reintroduced after being away from the program. Food addiction is epidemic among young people who are used to researching on their computers and not likely to walk into a new situation like an OA meeting cold. We believe if people attend virtually to learn about OA, it will be easier to attend locally once they are familiar with the meeting.

Many more do not have local access to OA-HOW meetings or strong abstinence based meetings. So many of us can remember back to the moment we SAW the sponsor line and heard their stories. That was the moment we were inspired to join in and find our own miracles of recovery. This is a program of attraction, a strong meeting that is highly visual by design will provide a foundation for others to find what is freely available within the Twin Cities.

We want to reach out and extend the hand of OA-HOW to a new generation of struggling people. Purchase this.

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