2018 Big Book Study Recordings

Big Book Study Recordings
Captured May 18th, 19th & 20th, 2018

“Find Abstinence Through The Big Book”

This year’s recordings feature two presenters; quality audio, high definition video, an updated presentation plus the Sunday afternoon inventory workshop.
$5.00 total – one time purchase

The multimedia recordings are streamed similar to watching a YouTube video.  View and track the event through a presentation containing pages from the Big Book, the video feed of the speaker, historical images and a progressive column by column completion of the inventory forms.

You will also receive the links to download the audio files (.mp3).

There are five recordings:
Friday evening captures; Lawrie & Kim’s story, The Doctor’s Opinion, abstinence and Steps One and Two.
Saturday morning covers; Steps Three and Four, the Fourth Step inventory forms, prayer and mediation and spirituality.
Saturday afternoon covers; Prayer and mediation and spirituality.
Sunday morning continues with; Steps Eleven and Twelve, carrying the message and maintenance.
Sunday afternoon is an interactive hands-on inventory exercise and guide with audience participation and sample inventory worksheets.

Following your registration, you will receive an email containing the five links to the recordings and five  links to download the audio files and a unique password.  Please do not copy, duplicate, sell or distribute the playback.

You don’t require a PayPal account to purchase – you can also use your credit card.

Thank you, I hope you enjoy them!

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