I would like to participate on the meeting from home. How do I do this?

Our meeting is presented using the Zoom platform. The Zoom meeting format has become quite popular and readily available to participants interested in joining us.

How do I sign up to tell my Story, share on a Tool, participate on the Sponsor Line, do a Reading, receive a Medallion,  Introduce myself or Pitch?

There is a scheduling link for SignUp Genius on our home page (mnhowlive.org)

I have struggled with my weight and food my entire life. A good friend of mine is in OA and suggested I watch your meeting to see if it may help me. Am I required to provide my identity when I join?

No, you are not. You may attend anonymously, or participate as much as you are comfortable.

I don’t do the OA-HOW format but follow another OA format, why would I attend your meeting?

People attend our meeting who are not OA-HOW members. It is a strong meeting format emphasizing and demonstrating Abstinence, long term recovery and people sharing their stories. The factor of live streaming makes it a much more engaging, immersive and personal experience.

Will people see me when I join from home?

Not unless you turn on your home camera in the Zoom meeting interface. 

How do i access the meeting?

There’s a link for the Zoom meeting on the home page here.

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