Will this be the first OA video meeting?

Yes, we believe so in OA but not within 12 Step programs. Alcoholics Anonymous has at last count sixty (60) weekly video meetings. Some are signed to reach out to the deaf community. As our meeting establishes itself, we also want to provide a signer and possibly closed captioning.

I would like to participate on the meeting from home. How do I do this?

Each week there is a coaching session at 6:30 PM CT on the same meeting to help people join the meeting remotely so that we can hear and see you. This reminder is announced each week during the meeting.

After attending the coaching session, how do I sign up to tell my Story, share on a Tool, participate on the Sponsor Line, do a Reading, receive a Medallion,  Introduce myself or Pitch?

There is a scheduling link on our home page (mnhowlive.org)

I have struggled with my weight and food my entire life. A good friend of mine is in OA and suggested I watch your meeting to see if it may help me. Am I required to provide my identity when I join?

No, you are not. You may login as Private or Anonymous.

I don’t do the OA-HOW format but follow another OA format, why would I attend your meeting?

People attend our meeting who are not OA-HOW members. It is a strong meeting format emphasizing and demonstrating Abstinence, long term recovery and people sharing their stories. The added factor of live streaming makes it a much more engaging, immersive and personal experience.

How will you technically be pulling this off?

We will be utilizing a pro audio setup with two high quality microphones one on the Leaders table and the other in front. The microphones are wired into an audio mixer then connected to a laptop computer. We will be utilizing webcast software running on the laptop. A cellular hotspot will be used for Internet access and if needed for backup the church’s high speed WiFi network. A high definition camera will be pointed to the front of the room to pick up the speakers. People can access the meeting through a laptop or desktop computer (Mac, Windows, and Linux) or their mobile devices (tablets, Smartphones). We will be utilizing a High Definition ultra-bright video projector to see remote attendees and listening through a powered Public Address quality speaker.

Will people see me when I join from home?

No, the virtual audience is not visible unless you have signed up for a Tool, a Reading, join our Sponsor Line, share your Story etc. When your time on the agenda arrives the meeting host will click on your microphone and video.  Once completed your mic and video will be turned off and we will move on to the next agenda item. 

Is the Face-To-Face meeting in Minneapolis also a closed meeting and by invitation only?

Absolutely not, the Face-To-Face meeting like all local OA-HOW meetings is an Open meeting and anyone is welcome.  It is important to have good local participation, so we have a strong and representative meeting to share with the virtual community.

How may I receive the meeting access details and instructions?

This information is available to members of the Overeaters Anonymous fellowship and people who are not yet members but think it may help them. Please contact mnhowlive@gmail.com.

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