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Tuesday 7:00 PM CT OA-HOW Live (audio/video) Streamed Meeting!

Welcome to the website of the Tuesday 7:00 PM Central Time OA-HOW live streamed (audio/visual) meeting. Thank you for visiting!  The Tuesday meeting provides new access to the Overeaters Anonymous community and to those still suffering. The meeting provides a blending of stand alone face-to-face and phone meetings by bridging the best of both worlds to a smoothly flowing visual format. We invite the virtual community to share their experience strength and hope. Members from all over the world will listen and participate fully with us to bring freshness to the local area and a richness of experience to the web only possible through the latest technology. The meeting is broadcast in high definition and professional audio. We will strive to provide a seamlessly integrated meeting flow.

The meeting will announce a weekly coaching session to help virtual members configure their computers and mobile devices to be seen and heard.

As funds are available, this site will expand and provide downloads of the meeting audio and other capabilities.